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Primary Head Protection

General Safety Hoods are useful for blocking micron-sized particles.  There are two colors: Aqua-blue and White. The pleasing aqua-blue hood is popularly used by metal fabricators.

UV-Shield Hoods blocking >97.5% UV rays are for outdoor workers who are exposed to sunlight for extended periods of timeBlack hoods are for winter; Silver hoods have outer layer constructed with shiny fibers to reflect sunlight are preferred for summer.

Biosafety Hoods have their structures qualified as level 1 liquid barrier with resistance to synthetic blood penetration under 80 mm Hg sprayed at a distance of 1 foot (30.5 cm). It is engineered for handling bio-hazardous materials such as caring for corpses or moving animal remains in aftermath cleanup.

The hoods have two styles: Full-cover Hood forms air-pocket around nose and mouth and a tight fit around wearer’s eyes. Open-face Hood gives the convenience of accommodating a full-face respirator. Its face opening is easy to pull down to cover just the mouth and chin.