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Oil-Repellent Hoods

VitaFlex’s OR Hoods are the long-awaited PPE for oil and chemical cleanup.

  • Protect worker’s head, face, and neck from contacting contaminates 
  • Securely covers the head with a soft form-fit that allows freedom of movement and mobility
  • Breathable structure keeps the head cool and comfortable for hours of wear.  

Its structure passed tests for repelling isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and n-decane oil (AATCC 118). Further, in our in-house impact test, by positioning the hood at a 45° angle, one foot below a pouring bottle, the poured motor oil and bleach concentrate were both repelled without penetrating the structure.

Caution: The hood is not for blocking pressurized liquids. There is no guarantee of absolute blocking effectiveness for all oils. Users are responsible to conduct tests by pouring the liquids of concern on our hoods to verify their repellency before wearing them for safety protection.The electrostatic discharges from VitaFlex’s UV-OR hoods could damage electronic devices and ignite fires in the presence of flammable materials.