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Infection Prevention

People are not used to wearing any protective headcover. Many medical professionals and emergency responders only wear a face mask when treating patients with coughing and sneezing, performing forensic examinations, or conducting disaster site inspections.  There is serious risk of carrying pathogenic or harmful substances on their hair or skin.   It is a common problem in all industries beacuse the lack of proper PPE for Primary Head Protection

  • The hooded coverall suits are stiff and leave the neck and/or face exposed.  While working, the hood easily pulls away to expose the wearer's face.  Usually duct tape is used to attach it to a respirator or face shield.  This hinders the wearer's head movement and slows down their work efficiency.  They are also unbearably hotFurther worse problem is that during removal of the hooded coveralls, the hood must be removed first. This leaves the wearer’s head exposed to the contaminated coverall suit. 
  • The protective head covers made of impervious materials such as plastic film or Tyvek sheet are used for shielding against corrosive chemicals or liquids and organic solvents. They are hot and cause exhaustion and dizziness.  They should not be the choice unless there is real concern of having a large volume of blood or pressurized fluids or organic solvents that could shoot out and spray on the worker's head. They should also be equipped with an air-fed system to prevent the buildup of heat and humidity.



Please find Soft-stretch Hairnet and Biosafety Hoods on sale in subcategory of "Infection Prevention" within category of "Industrial Safety- Primary Head Protection".

VitaFlex's Biosafety Hood is an innovative PPE addition to provide a practical and economical solution for bioharards and infection prevention.

  • The triple-layer structure of Biosafety Hood has particle filtration efficiency (PFE) of 95% against particles of 0.1 um and larger. Without pressurelized driving force, common airborne particulates can not penetrate the triple-layer structure of Vitaflex’s Biosafety Hood. It is qualified as a Level 1 Fluid Barrier with resistance to synthetic blood penetration under 80 mm Hg sprayed from a distance of 12" (30.5 cm).  Delta P is  less than 3 mm H2O)/cm2.
  • It can be comfortably worn underneath the coverall hood, keeping the wearer protected while the contaminated coverall suit is being removed. It should be the first PPE to be put on and the last taken off. Multiple hood-layering is suggested. That way, the outer layer can be removed upon being contaminated while the inner layer remains in place keeping the wearer protected. 

   We recommend: It is more practical and economical to wear an un-hooded coverall with our Biosafety hood than wearing a hooded coverall suit.

While in a potentially hazardous environment (ambulance, waiting room, emergency room, public venue), and wearing a full protective suit is not applicable, wearing a Soft-stretch Hairnet as an outer layer over a technical or a N95 mask and googles provides  better protection.   The headcover can block droplets and particles from falling on the head, and be removed first to reduce the risk of contact transmission.

VitaFlex's Soft-stretch Headcover and Biosafety Hood for Infection Prevention:

  • Easy to put on.  Soft and comfortable to wear.  Breathable and cool.
  • Securely covers the entire head & neck,
  • Allows freedom of head movement and retains comfortable fit. 
  • Can be worn over a mask, or under a respirator or face shield.
  • Multiple hoods can be conveniently layered.

Please find Soft-stretch Hairnet and Biosafety Hoods on sale in subcategory of "Infection Prevention" within category of "Industrial Safety- Primary Head Protection".