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Soft-stretch Masks

With the innovative advantages of "Comfort" and a friendly appearance, our Soft-stretch Masks are useful for containing saliva droplets in public places, and congested environments- meetings, conventions, stadiums, lines, buses, trains, airports, etc

Their ear straps are form-cut from the outer layer latex-free elastic fabric.

  •   Maintain the mask in position with a soft form-fit
  •   Eliminate the too-loose-or-too-tight problem of elastic ear loops in conventional facemasks.
  •   Washable and reusable allowing for multiple uses

Our Soft-stretch masks are made of latex-free elastic spunbond fabric with meltblown nonwoven middle layer, 100% polypropylene fibers. They have been tested to have a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of >99.5% (ASTM F2101).  However, they should not be used for respiratory protection as surgical masks. Due to wearers’ faces varying in shape and nose-bridge height, our Soft-stretch mask may not tightly cover the nose and mouth to provide the filtering protection. .

Free samples, five masks per pack, just pay S&H of $3.00. One pack/order/customer/week.

  •  An active address for receiving first-class mail is required. Please be advised we do not take responsibility for mis-routed or lost mail.
  •  All sample transactions are final and not returnable.
  •  Using these free samples exempts us (VitaFlex and its staff) from any responsibility on product performance.