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Bakeries & Food Manufacturing

The VitFlex Soft-stretch Headcover is an innovative product of its kind. It securely covers the wearer's entire head, face, and neck, providing maximum coverage for the hair and shielding sources of human contamination.  A small amount of static electricity on the elastic fabric created in our manufacturing process helps holding the hair particles inside the headcover.

Consumers are very intolerant of food contaminated by hair and general airborne debris.  The conventional bouffant caps and hairnets do not cover the neck back. Beard-cover is further needed for male workers. Nonetheless, bouffant cap and beard-cover are often out of proper wearing positions while working.

Our headcover is replacing the conventional hairnet and beard-cover.  It is made of single-layer of our elastic nonwoven fabric, to provide the basic contamination control in bakery,dairy processing, meat packaging, and food manufacturing