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Contamination Control

The VitFlex Soft-stretch Headcover provides a practical and more economical solution to effective contamination control.

  • Fits securely on the wearer's head with comfortable form-fit
  • Covers the entire head, face and neck-  more coverage then wearing a bouffant cap/hairnet, a face mask, and a beard cover 
  • Manufactured in the USA by fully automated machine- 
    • made and sealed in a bag within 3 minutes
    • by packers wearing gloves, long-sleeve scrubs and our soft-stretch hairnets
    • Throughout the manufacturing process, they remain on bench top 27” above the floor and are not touched by bare hands.

Consumers are very intolerant of food contaminated by hair and general airborne debris. The outdated conventional hair coverings are more decorative than effective in containing contaminants.

  • The  bouffant caps and hairnets do not always cover all hairs. Beard-cover is needed for male workers and it does not cover the wearer's neck and all facial hairs. While working, they are often out of proper wearing positions and even fall off and come into contact with the products being processed.
  • A face mask is further needed to contain droplets and spittle from exhalation; but it often falls from the nose to cover only the mouth or even hang under the chin protecting nothing.
  • Of further concern are the contaminants brought from a manufacturig process involving manual cut-and saw and assembly. They are touched by bare hands and hours of exposure to the air throughout the process.