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BioSafety Hood, Case of 8 x 50PK (400pcs/case)

30.00 LBS
$58.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

Product Description

VitaFlex’s BioSafety Hood is engineered for scientists and technicians to work in ISO 7 cleanrooms or BSL-2&3 labs.  It is made from a special grade of latex-free elastic nonwoven fabrics with high density and high uniformity of ultrafine fibers. Our Biosafety Hood provides comfortable breathability and comfortable fit for the entire head and neck.  

Easy to put on.  Soft and comfortable to wear.  Excellent breathability to keep cool.

  • The full-cover design provides maximum coverage and form a tight fit around wearer's eyes and an air-pocket around nose and mouth.
  • The open face design has flexibility of accommodating a respirator underneath. 
  • Securely covers the entire head & neck, conforms to contours of wearer's face, allows freedom of head movement, and retains comfortable fit. 
  • Can be worn over a mask or under a respirator or face shield.
  • Multiple hoods can be conveniently layered. The outer layer can be removed upon being contaminated while the inner layer keeping the wearer protected.  


The triple-layer structure of VitaFlex’s Biosafety Hood has a high particle filtration efficiency (PFE) of 95% according to method described in ASTM F2299. Without driving force of air flow, common airborne particles are rarely able to penetrate the triple-layer structure of Vitaflex's Biosafety Hood.   Please note: VitaFlex’s Biosafety Hood is NOT a respiratory protection device and not for replacing a N95 respirator. 

The triple-layer structure of VitaFlex’s Biosafety Hood is qualified as a level 1 fluid barrier with resistance to synthetic blood penetration under 80 mm Hg sprayed from a distance of 12 " (30.5 cm). The Biosafety Hood effectively repels mist, fluids, and liquids.  In internal testing, our VitaFlex Biosafety Hood also exceeded the requirements for the Spray Impact test for AATCC 42. (The test was performed by positioning the hood at a 45° angle, 0.6 m below a spray head).  The water spray was repelled totally without penetrating or wetting its triple-layer fabric structure.  In additional tests, when other liquids (bleach, coffee, milk, and orange juice) were placed in between two layers of its triple-layer fabric structure for over 5 minutes, the layers did not absorb the liquids.  It was demonstrated that VitaFlex’s Biosafety Hood withstood the 45 degree challenge – a vertical position will provide even more assurance.


The protective coverall hood is stiff, hot, and leaves the neck and/or face exposed.  While working, the hood easily pulls away to exposed the wearer's face. Usually duct tapes are used to attach it to a respirator or face shield. It hinders the wearer's head movement and slows down their work efficiency.  Of further concern is the removal of the coverall hood as the first step.  During removal of the hood, the wearer’s head is exposed to the contaminated coverall, which could easily breach the intended contamination or infection prevention.  VitaFlex 's Biosafety Hood offers a practical and low-cost solution to this problem. 


  • It can be comfortably worn underneath the coverall hood, keeping the wearer protected while the contaminated coverall suit is being removed. The hood should be the first PPE to be put on and the last taken off for working in BL-4 labs or critical care units. Multiple hood-layering is suggested if contact contamination is a concern. That way, the outer layer can be removed upon being contaminated while the inner layer remains in place keeping the wearer protected. 


  • While in a potentially hazardous environment (ambulance, waiting room, emergency room, public venue), and wearing a full protective suit is not applicable, wearing our hood as an outer layer over a technical or a N95 mask provides a better protection.   The hood can block droplets and particles from falling on head, and be removed first to reduce the risk of contact transmission.

Case of 8 x 50PK (50 Hoods are packed in a polybag and enclosed in a dispenser box, 8 boxes/case), total 400pcs/case.







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